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Coffee Blossom Essence™ Body Lotion

Ingredients: Purified Aqua (water), emulsifying wax, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Olea europaea (olive) oil, Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, organic Coffea arabica (coffee) extract, dimethicone, glycerin, steareth-2, Apis mellifera (beeswax), parfum (fragrance), sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, organic Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice, citric acid, disodium EDTA, Agave americana (century) extract, beta-glucan, Calendula officinalis (calendula) extract, Centella asiatica (hydrocotyl) extract, Hibiscus sabdariffa (hibiscus) flower extract, Hydrastis canadensis (golden seal) root extract, Medicago sativa (alfalfa) extract, Plantago major (plantain) extract, Symphytum officinale (comfrey) extract, tocopheryl acetate.

Benefits: • Shea Butter prevents trans-epidermal moisture loss, soothes and protects skin • Aloe Vera refreshes and hydrates • Coffee Extract fuels cell turnover and promotes new tissue growth • Vitamin E avenges free radicals • Glycerin forms a moisturizing barrier around the skin • Allantoins in Comfrey Extract heal and soothe • Golden Seal Root Extract fends off acne

Net Weight 8 oz.


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